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Ways To Control PMS Breakouts
myskincaretips 21st Feb


While women have a beautiful and flawless skin most of the time, they are troubled by the problem of PMS breakouts during those days of the month. The acne or pimples appear suddenly announcing the condition of the skin and body to others. Not every girl or women get the breakout. It is an annoying problem. Usually, women try o solve the problem by using a cleansing facemask especially when they have to go on a date. Following are some basics of controlling the PMS breakouts.


How Hormones Cause Breakouts

There are hormonal changes in women 2 weeks before the menstruation date. The hormones like estrogen, prostaglandins as well as progesterone undergo changes. Testosterone production by the ovaries becomes less. The progesterone hormone clogs and compresses the pores. It increases sebum production and causes blemishes. The testosterone further raises the sebum production and leads to breakouts.


Hormonal changes differ in women so some of you will have the breakouts while some won’t have them.


Ways To Control PMS Breakouts

Drink Water

Sugary drinks and soda cause breakout so avoid such drinks. Drink plenty of water rather than taking sugar-loaded drinks.


Take A Healthy Diet

A diet rich in oily foods and saturated fats is harmful as it leads to breakout so avoid such a diet. Instead of that, take a healthy diet that includes foods with vitamins and antioxidants. Eat fruits, green leafy vegetables, legumes, and nuts. Non-vegetarian people can eat fish and lean meats.


Use An Acne Face Mask

Hormones damage the skin externally and you can avoid this problem by cleaning the skin well and preventing bacterial infection in it. Use facial products like an acne face mask. Choose a natural face mask that is safe for your skin.


Control Stress


Stress worsens the breakouts so avoid stress.


Other Ways To Control The PMS Breakouts


Use the pill. Clean the mobile phone that you use.


For more information on getting a hydrating face mask, visit this website.