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How To Keep Your Skin Glowing In Winter
myskincaretips 19th Dec 2017

The winter season can lead to making the skin dry and steal the moisture away. If you neglect taking care, then the skin can tend to crack, bleed and make problems worse. So, to keep the skin healthy, you should follow the tips compiled below. Wash with lukewarm water

It’s actually essential to take a hot shower or bath during winter. But, if don’t have time to spare, then you should wash your face or hands with lukewarm water as much as you can. This serves to be beneficial because you would be retaining the oil content in a much better way. Try using a cleansing face mask in case warm water doesn’t give you results.

Moisturize immediately

Soon after you have washed your hands and face, you should remember to wipe the skin dry and apply a moisturizer. Never use the moisturizer on damp skin or else the dampness can affect the skin considerably. Make sure you keep the bottle near a bathtub and use it liberally every time you wash the skin.

Select the moisturizer prudently

As you visit local outlets to purchase a whole new range of beauty care products, make sure that the moisturizer doesn’t contain petroleum-based ingredients. Instead of opting for a water-based solution, you must go for an oil-based solution. Alternatively, you can choose moisturizing oils which contain extracts of lavender, jojoba, and more. If the bottle seems to be expensive, you can always use a moisturizing face mask to observe the difference.

Finally, do ensure that you exfoliate and help yourself in removing the dry cells. Avoid allergens and irritants if you have eczema or dermatitis. Glutahione can be a better option because it helps in removing toxins from your body.