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5 Skin Protection Tips
myskincaretips 21st Feb


Our skin occupies a large area of our body and it is what makes us look like a human being. There is a constant renewing and regeneration of cells in the skin going on at all times. However, just because the cells will re-grow doesn’t mean that we damage our skin. It is not possible to reverse the damage in the skin. Damaging the skin ourselves is one of the worst things that a person can do. Your body appearance and the way others look at you depends on the condition of your skin. Thus, it is important to protect the skin from damage by the environment and atmosphere. We should avoid damage to the skin by sun and dust. Following are some tips for skin care and preventing breakouts.
  • Drink Water


Drink water to hydrate the skin and make it healthy. Dehydration due to a lack of water leads to small pores, and growth of fungus and bacteria in the skin. Thus, drinking water prevents infection and acne.

  • Take Nutritious Foods


Take a healthy diet rich in essential nutrients like vitamins and protein. It is also beneficial to eat foods that contain antioxidants.   

  • Use A Face Mask


Use a face mask on weekends. Hydrating and brightening face mask is good for the skin. Before you buy a mask, read about the ingredients in it. Choose gentle, natural and safe face masks that protect and clean the skin.

  • Avoid Stress And Remove Makeup At Night


Avoid stress and remove makeup at night before you go to bed.

  • Use Sunscreen


Use a sunscreen daily. Apply it to the skin half an hour before going out in the sun. Do this even in winters. Let the sunscreen be absorbed properly in the skin. Apply the sunscreen again after two hours. Limit the time you spend outdoors to avoid sun damage. Choose the right sunscreen.


To know more about the benefits of a Moisturising face mask, visit this website.